We introduce you META BIKE HIRE CALPE. Everything in site, High standing apartments , professional bike hire, Cycling Boutique, Workshop, Guided routes and everything you may need to spend some days enjoying cycling.

Small Groups.

At Meta Bike Hire Calpe, we offer high quality service. If you are a small group, we will be able to offer you exactly what you are looking for and we will make you feel highly satisfied with our products.

High preformance road bike hire.

We offer you carbon bikes for hire, both in groups or for you only.
Kuota Kobat Ultegra DI2 electronic
Bianchi Oltre XR3 Ultegra
Ridley Fenix SL
Ridley Fenix Ultregra
City Bike Kross Rans India

Bianchi Aria Ultregra


Set up routes.

We offer you set up routes with different options, giving you a map, loading the route onto your GPS device, with a guide, with a support car. We will adapt to your requirements.

Accommodation in Borumbot Apartments.

Meta Bike Hire Calpe is located on the ground floor of Borumbot Apartments, therefore, you can leave your bike and go straight home for a rest. Our apartments are equiped with anything you may need to enjoy your rest after a long day cycling.